Magadon Kest

Not his father's son


Magadon is a half devil and it shows in his looks, having allowed his hair to grow, and his horns as well. He stands close to six feet tall. His eyes are described as Asp like white with single black dots. He dresses conservatively though, wearing things that will hide his features, keep him from being noticed as what he is. Mags tends to keep his head down.

A set of leather armors, that are magical, a Long bow that he tends to empower with his abilities at his side. Mags is handsome or would be if he smiled more. He is often halo’ed in the effects of his own psionic powers.


A half fiend finds friends where he can and Mags does precisely that. The child of a human woman and the Archdevil Mephisto he has long been an object to be coveted by his father. Not for himself but for his powers and Magadon is one to avoid that particular conflict at all cost.

Good friends of both Erevis Cale and Drasek Riven Mag’s is known to travel with them regularly and participate in their antics. Always up for adventure should either of the pair choose to call upon him.

Recently: He has been having nightmares of being trapped in a coffin of utter darkness and being consumed by worms. While his father laughs and something whispers to him soft and seductively. He has been intending to research these nightmares, feeling they may be more than just a night terror.

Magadon Kest

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