Laosha The Doublebladed

Honor Among Shadows


Out spoken and brash, still honorable. Laosha is tall and wide, built powerfully but not all that pretty. She wears her hair in dread locks and a wrap around her face to hide her half blood heritage though it is obvious as she is green. She dresses in furs, and silks but seems to not bother with armor too much.

Blue eyes she inherited from her mother show her spirit and indomitable will. Laosha is well known among those who are in Selgaunt as someone not to be crossed. She is capable of killing with the great axe she carries and her bare hands as well. She is contained but restriant is something that is tightly held on a leash, it doesn’t take much to make the woman let go.


Laosha is a half-orc that fell into the company of Anisitaeali Shadowsong in the North. The tulani woman defended her from the villagers that would have left her dead and bleeding for being of orc blood. This was something that touched Laosha and she has since pledged the service of her axe to the fey woman.

However, like many things people do not plan for, she was accepted and this resulted in Laosha being bound into the service. She will NEVER willingly leave Anisitaeali behind, no matter the danger or the odds. She is well rewarded for this, being able to shield another with her abilities and to protect a wider arc of people.

Laosha was born in the North, her mother raised her in secluson away from other’s because she felt that she would be judged. When Laosha was eleven her father’s people killed her mother and burned the farm that they lived on to the ground. In a rage that could not be conquered she jumped bare handed on the nearest one and broke his neck. She than took up his armor and blade and proceeded to kill everyone in the raiding party.

Unable to save her mother, she built her a beautiful burial place where it would snow, leaves would fall upon it and flowers would grow. All the things her young mother would have loved.

Laosha The Doublebladed

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