Erevis Cale

The First of the Shadowlord


Erevis Cale is a shade or that is what he would appear to be to most as shadows bleed off of him. As the first of Mask. He is often found dressed in fine leathers and he carries a sword as equally dark and shadowy as he himself is. Cale always has a mask on his person tucked into a breast pocket. He wears knee high boots with daggers tucked into them.

A long dark cloak that sweeps around his form.

Most often Cale is found with his hair shaved off to show a bald palette. Not unattractive but not conventionally good-looking either.


Cale has been everything from a slave to a killer and there and back again. Constantly it is a fight within himself to give into the beliefs of the priesthood of Mask which he is a member, in fact he is one of his gods Chosen, The First of Five. He has spent the past few years attempting to keep himself out of the lime light, live a quiet and peaceful life with his love Varra.

This is not the life for one such as he though and he has been plagued with visions of things to come. Of the spinning of the Cycle of Shadow and more current and time pressing, the fact that something evil is brooding within Toril and will rise soon.

Recently: Cale has been noticing that his dreams are not his own, that their is something in the dirt, writhing and squirming. He sometimes hears whispers outside of his home, and ultimately he will be reunited with those that are his kin in an attempt to save the realms from the coming darkness.

Erevis Cale

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