Anisitaeali Shadowsong

Child of The Tulani


Stunning is a word that has been used to describe the young woman, with her bright red hair that falls past her hips, and soft rose colored eyes. Anis is the type of woman who leaves hearts breaking in her wake. Though there is something about her that is simple unavailable something that makes her outside of the norm. Could it be that she is touched by the God Mask. That is always a good possibility. Could it be that she is more fey blooded than anything a excellent guess.

Regardless the young woman dresses in a pair of dark leathers that are supple and hold to her body. Often disguised as another set of clothing. She wears a corset and a battle skirt with a silk shirt that is often to big for her. Several blades on her person that she is equally capable with and a full sleeved hooded cloak embroidered with winged cats along the hem and hood.


It seemed that tragedy clung to the young woman born to a Tulani paladin of Waukeen the woman was used as a chip in a game of divinity with the demonlord Grazzt. When her mother lost her faith becoming with child in the place of her goddess, the little girl was left on the doorsteps of a temple to Lathander, which was the best her mother could do by her, when all she thought she should do was suffocate the child. She disappeared into the planes to come to terms with the things that she had been and was becoming.

As a small girl her powers manifested themselves earlier and making many of the priests feel that there was something rudimentary wrong with the child. They left her in the hands of healers in a local Asylum in Westgate, which was a front for Shar. Where her already chaotic mind was shattered but slowly pieced back together again.

She went on to fight in the Arena in Westgate and travel largely onto to fall into the mess during the Time of Troubles. Blessed by the God Mask, she discovered her abilities as one of his, being the Queen of Shadows. Meeting both Erevis Cale & Drasek Riven on the road.

Recently she has been seeing signs of what it happening, the worms in apples, squirming under earth. They border on visions, and she too hears the whispers of something, but her keen mind is a gift and she is aware that it is something terrible wrong. Heading to Selgaunt to catch up with the First & Second it will be quiet a surprise at what has become of the city.

Anisitaeali Shadowsong

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