it started out as a means to an ends for Asmodeus who wanted more power. Imagine if he could revive an Elder Evil and than consume its power. He would be on par with a god wouldn't he ? He could make the very Hells tremble under the extent of his power. it seemed like a good idea at the time. 

Aid in the awakening of Kysuss and allow him some reign before sweeping in and destroying the evil with the aid of others and taking the power for himself. It sounds good in the planning stage, and what could go wrong ? The whispering assured him it would be fine. 

Was he hearing his own thoughts ? Or those of the Worm that Walks ?

It did not take long for a small group of adventurers set in  Selgaunt to catch wind of what was going on. Suddenly a family that had been silently and fairly unimportant rises to promenance and to further that. Their Head of House is made Hurloon within a month, of course there is something strange going on but just what is unknown at the moment. With the rise of Asmodeus's worship within the city becoming all but open, it is just another strange tale within the city. It should be all but laughable however, these are no laughing matters.  

The new Hurloon begins to set up a lottery where a number is drawn and a family must select a member of their family to dedicate to the Church of Asmodeus to make community "stronger." it would be something that a firm hand would come down upon them. However, long has the Merchant Princes of the city owned it. When their palms are being greased and with the gold coming into the families coffiers it can't be half bad can it ? 

Ah, but the greed of mortals will lead to their down fall. 


In Hushed Whispers